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株式会社KMC JAPANは、日本車の輸出を専門とする、世界約20か国への自動車輸出の先導者です。本社は、日本の福岡県小郡市に位置しています。


KMC JAPANの使命は、世界中の顧客と高品質な日本車を結びつけ、優れたサービスと信頼性を提供することです。私たちは、優れた車両を提供し、シームレスな購入体験を確保することで、お客様の期待を上回ることを目指しています。





社名: 株式会社KMC JAPAN
企業名カナ: ケィエムシージャパン
設立: 2019年02月18日
資本金: 500万
代表者: 代表取締役 ウッデイン モハメッドスジャ
役員数: 日本国内に1人、外国に10人



ITビジネス: ウェブ開発、ソフトウェア開発、デジタルマーケティング、ITコンサルティングなど。

中古車および部品販売: 幅広い車種や部品を提供。

中古車および部品の輸出: 日本の品質と信頼性を世界に提供。






古物商許可番号: 902041910004
法人番号: 7290801025292

Company Overview:

Established in Fukuoka, Japan, KMC Japan Co., Ltd. has been a reputable limited company since its inception in February 2019. Specializing in the export of high-quality used cars and machinery, we have earned a strong reputation for our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Key Features:

Quality Cars: We focus on delivering vehicles of exceptional quality to a diverse global clientele.
Timely Shipment: Punctuality is paramount, ensuring swift and timely delivery for clients to promptly enjoy their newly acquired vehicles.
Customer Care: Our dedicated team promptly addresses client inquiries with professionalism and efficiency, fostering a positive customer experience.
After-Sales Service: Committed to long-term customer satisfaction, we provide professional and reliable after-sales service.
Company Values:

At KMC Japan Co., Ltd., every customer is considered a treasure, evident in our impressive track record. Nearly 15% of annual sales stem from referrals by our valued and loyal customers. Our pride lies in the trust and loyalty our clients place in us, driving our dedication to surpassing their expectations.

Car Sourcing Channels:

Our commitment to sourcing accident-free cars is unwavering, achieved through meticulous channels:

Local/End Users with Pre-Owned Certificates
Local Car Maker Dealers (e.g., DIRECT FROM TOYOTA JAPAN)
Local Dealers Specializing in Used Cars
Japanese Auto Auctions
Business Scale:

From exporting a handful of cars annually, we have experienced substantial growth. Presently, we proudly export nearly four-digit unit cars each year, reaching customers worldwide.

Company Profile:

Name: KMC Japan Co., Ltd.
Registered Address: 3476-12 Mitsusawa, Ogori, Fukuoka 838-0106, Japan.
Website: www.kmcjapan.co.jp
Languages: Japanese and English.
Car Yard Location: Fukuoka Ken, Ogori-shi.
Business Type: Export of used and new cars, car auction agency, and dealership.
Memberships: Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japanese Car Trade.
Auction Dealers: USS, TAA, AUCNET, ASNET, iauc (Auction dealers for the entire Japan).
Why Choose Us:

Extensive Experience: Our dedicated team, boasting years of experience, ensures promises are fulfilled.
Customer Satisfaction: Customer happiness is our primary goal, and we go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.
Vast Inventory: A vast network enables us to source any car, offering competitive prices and top-quality vehicles.
Comprehensive Inquiry System: If not listed on our website, send an inquiry for a prompt response with all relevant information.
Secure Storage Facilities: Your car's safety is ensured during local procedures or tax-related matters.
Efficient Processes: Swift arrangements from inspection to delivery, facilitated by reliable forwarding agents worldwide.
Reliable Forwarding Agents: A network of proficient forwarding agents ensures top-notch service.
Payment & Bank:

Secure and swift transactions facilitated through:

Swift Code: NISIJPJT
Online Payment Options: Credit Card and PayPal.
Letter of Credit (L/C): Option available, inquire for eligibility.
Instant Payment: Small payments via Western Union for convenience.

We promise to embark on a dedicated journey to meet your car requirements, regardless of budget or location. Explore possibilities with us and join the ranks of our satisfied customers.